Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take for my Website to rank?

It is hard to predict because there are a lot of factors that needs to be considered.  On top of the list is how competitive your chosen keywords are.  Having a lesser competitive keyword or key phrase can be ranked within days but highly competitive keywords (for instance ‘chocolates’) may take a lot longer. You have to take note that another company also would want to rank to the top position.   You need to choose wisely a keyword that is practical to rank if you would want immediate results.

How many links will my site receive?

We do not approximate the number of links you will expect.  Companies that will assure you a definite number of links that you will get will most likely use a black hat method or spammy tools.  This method might be able to push your site to the top for just a day or two and after that, the rank will decline or worst, your site might even be penalized or blocked completely.  The packages we offer focus on creating worthwhile quality contents and placing them on locations that will bring you the right kind of links.  These contents are made in house and customized to fit your business. The processes we do will make sure that your site stays on top of the search engines at a longer period of time.

Can you assure results?

A company who will offer you the top position on Google can be doubtful.  Google always change algorithms on how it ranks websites and makes it harder to be controlled by an individual.  With our techniques that have been proven effective, we can guarantee you that our team will do its best in creating quality content and make them point back to your site.  We modify our strategies based on changes that search engines make to ensure that they provide great results.  For as long as you provide us with realistic keyword/s, we will do the work for you.

Who creates the contents?

Each and every article, Press release, Videos, PDF’s, and Infographics are done in-house.  Images are from our own photo storage or bought for your project.  You can give us access to your existing content and pictures if you would like us to use it for your project.

Where is your team located?

Spaghettibowl is owned by a Canadian Company.

Do you have a well-trained team?

Each member of the team is hired and trained by internet marketing expert.  They have been working on private projects in the first year until the company expanded into providing services to hundreds of customers world-wide.  The “spaghetti-bowl” SEO diagram is designed and developed by this elite team.  The team only uses few automation tools.  We use hand created contents because they surely surpass the result that auto generated contents provide.  They surely cost more and take a longer time to create but they provide superb results.

Are all keywords allowed?

There are certain keywords that the team doesn’t work on, these maybe keywords that have already been requested by other customers.  We would like to be fair so we do not try to rank 2 clients for same keyword since they both would want to take the top position.  We will advise you right away would there be a conflict of interest and we will refund your investment immediately.

Some phrases that we cannot work on are:  Website marketing, content creation, content distribution, internet marketing, Affiliate Marketing, online marketing, website promotion, internet marketing product reviews and any type of SEO related phrases.

Also, we cannot work on any site that would violate Google Adsense policies

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