Spaghetti-like Traffic Service

This is a service that is provided to have your website seen in front of Google.  It uses a lot of tools and effective techniques to have your site stand out from all the rest.  Powerful sites such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, article directories and web 2.0 sites like Squidoo, Hubpages, WordPress are utilized to make this happen.

On-Site Search Engine Optimization

The giant search engine tool, Google, ranks websites based on a lot of things.  On-site SEO pertains to the controllable factors within your site that you can carefully observe so that your site can be ranked well by Google.  Here are some of them:

-      Include keywords in page names
-      Hand written original contents are recommended
-      Make sure your site is user-friendly
-      The website title should have the keywords on it
-      Organize pages
-      Google love images , videos, audios make sure to include them
-      Any content posted on your site should be useful
-      All the pages must load fast

Off-Site Search Engine Optimization

These are the elements that are outside your website but can help increase your site visibility.  It includes different kinds of contents scattered around the web and have them point back (backlinks) to your site so that it will establish site authority.


The following terms are used in the strategies:

Keywords/ Key phrases

Words or phrases used when looking for information in search engines like Google.  To be able to gain more profit, the ideal setup is to have your website located in the first page of the search results page using the keywords that are most relevant to the search.

Tools are utilized in order to research the best keywords that a site can rank for. To be able to achieve a good ranking for your site it is imperative to make a balance of commercial intent against traffic.  A very common word maybe hard or even impossible to rank for.

Original Articles

These are texts composed of 300-1000 words that are posted in web pages.  In web promotion, it is highly recommended to have original content if you would like to achieve great results.  It is where the keywords are inserted and hyperlinked back to your website.

Revised Articles

These are several versions of the originally written article.  They are posted in different web sites to receive more backlinks.  There are tools used to automatically create versions but nothing beats human written content which is preferred by Google.

Article Syndication

Articles are distributed to different places in the web.  It includes high ranking web 2.0 sites like WordPress and Blogger, private quality websites, article directory websites etc.  Paid tools are also used to automatically distribute them in order to have more back links.

Text Links from Website

A link your site receives from another web site is a text link.  The keywords have been hyperlinked and lead back to your site.  Articles should be posted on blogs or sites that have related themes so that if Google recognizes that the link your site received is from a high ranking site and your content is relevant it will surely increase your site’s authority.

Social Networking Sites

All links are also posted in Highly-valued social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook.  This will give your site more exposure and can bring great backlinks to your site.

Content Distribution on Web 2.0 sites

WordPress, Hubpages and Squidoo are some of the well-ranked websites.  Accounts are created in these sites and the articles are posted then hyperlinked back to your site.  They are highly ranked because they have high standards.  They only accept unique content; they will reject articles which do not pass the evaluation.

Post Bookmarking

All post URL’s are noted and then submitted to the best bookmarking sites like Onlywire. Through bookmarking, it increases the chance of your site to be found by Google and other search engines.

RSS Syndication

Most websites have RSS feeds; we take note of the RSS feeds from all the sites that your content has been submitted.  These feeds are mashed up and are posted to highly competitive feed distribution sites like Feedage.  The good thing about it is that any new post that will be added in the future are updated automatically.

Pinging Links

This is another process of submitting the links of your post to ping networks like Pingfarm in order to publicize new posts and to have more search engine visibility.

Promote Custom PDF

A PDF file based on the products and services you offer are created and tailored to attract your target customers.  These PDF files are uploaded to different high-quality sites like Scribd.  They also contain hyperlinked keywords pointing back to your site.

Create Custom Video

A high-quality custom video is created and distributed on well-known sites such as Youtube.  They will contain the sales message you would like to convey to your customers.  The descriptions are set to have backlinks pointing to your site as well.

PRWeb advanced Press Release

PRWEB is the top distributor of press releases.  An interesting story is written for your website and is published in a lot of places in the web.  Each press release is being republished at least 10,000 times and contains a backlink to your site.  Press release is only available in the high end packages.  PR’s usually show up in the first page of Google, this will give your site exposure and you might even be even asked for an interview.


Backlink Boosting

This is a second level of link building which is only available to the Massive Pack because of its complexity.  All the backlinks of your site are gathered and ‘boosted’ through effective techniques such as pinging, posting, RSS Feed submission etc.  This makes it faster to index the links.


These are custom created high-quality images that can provide your website ultimate exposure.  It contains graphics and some information about the product or service that you offer. They can be posted in different media channels and news sites to make an impression for your site.  It is only available in Authority Builder Program. View samples here.

You can compare packages and get started with your web promotion.