US English Users Now Have Access To Facebook’s Graph Search

After the limited rollout of its new Graph Search last January, Facebook expanded access to this function to include accounts that use US English. Along with this, there are several changes that can be noticed. These marked improvements include quicker delivery of search results, improved understanding of search queries, improved hierarchy of search results, and a more user-friendly interface.

If you have used Graph Search before, you will notice now that Facebook has added more items to the Suggested Searches options to include “Movies my friends like” and “People I may know.”   Facebook also said that they are currently working to include more useful features including the ability to search for comments and posts. In addition to these, the Graph Search function is being readied for mobile devices.

The social media site has also tweaked how listings for restaurants and other establishments are shown. First, the bug that did not show friends who liked the establishment has now been fixed. Details from an establishment’s About page are now shown, and in lieu of displaying total likes, the phone number is now shown.

If you’re a business owner, you might be asking yourself: What’s all the fuss about Facebook’s Graph Search?

For starters, the social media site’s 1 billion users is nothing to scoff at. Every day, about 300 million photos are being uploaded by these users while photos and other posts generate countless likes. You can tap these free resources for your market research, allowing you to gain an insight on what engages your target audience. It can also clue you in on other market segments that you can tap into.

While the Graph Search does not by any means rival other search engines, you can definitely use the function to complement your overall online visibility campaigns. Definitely, having Facebook friends like a restaurant or hotel, for example, can sway potential customers to give your business a try. In order to fully exploit this, it is crucial to update your About page, as well as make sure that you specify your business location.

Some industry experts also predict that the Graph Search function can also benefit businesses that utilize Facebook ads. One of these benefits is a more targeted campaign where ads are shown to people who are interested in your products or service and who have an intent to buy.

While Facebook’s Graph Search is still in the beta testing stage and more tweaks are expected to be rolled out, it is not too early to make the necessary changes so that your business can take full advantage of the benefits it offers.

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